Welcome to Caneel Bay Resort

Planning for the Future

Current Facilities Available at Caneel Bay. 

While portions of the Resort remain closed pending reconstruction, EHI is pleased to offer several Caneel Bay facilities and services for guests to enjoy.

EHI owns and operates luxury accommodations, consisting of three villas on Herrick Hill, which are located on the North Shore Road, opposite the Virgin Islands National Park sign.  For the foreseeable future, however, these are fully booked, and there is no availability to share.

EHI also offers short-term vacation rentals in Cruz Bay behind the Virgin Islands National Park Visitors’ Center. These Marina View Village accommodations are one-bedroom, furnished units, in walking distance of the public ferry docks, as well as the boutiques and eateries of the downtown area. For more information and to make a reservation, please click here - units may also be reserved via the booking platforms AirBnB and Vrbo.

There are two, licensed concessions currently operating at Caneel Bay Resort:

  • The restaurant ZoZo's at Caneel Bay is a renowned fine-dining establishment located right on Caneel Beach. Open during the winter and spring seasons, table reservations may be made by clicking here up to 30 days in advance of the required reservation date.
  • Caneel Bay Beach Club at Honeymoon Beach is open year-round and offers a variety of beachfront luxury services, including a full food and drink menu, for residents and visitors. For further information and for reservations and opening times, please visit their website here

With both concessions, parking is offered complimentary inside the Caneel Bay main gate, and there is a shuttle to the restaurant Zozo's at Caneel Bay and for a small charge to Honeymoon beach. 

Caneel Bay Marina located behind the Virgin Islands National Park Visitors Center, is open daily for the sale of marine gas, as well as other provisions. 

Caneel Bay Resort Gifts & Apparel, including T-shirts and caps featuring the iconic Caneel Bay Resort petroglyph logo, are available for sale by clicking on the SHOP prompt in the menu bar below.

All inquiries may be directed to info@caneelbay.com.  


Save Caneel Bay Resort

The Virgin Islands needs the rest of the Caneel Bay Resort rebuilt NOW – the historic crown jewel of the Virgin Islands tourism.

As one of the Virgin Islands’ highest ranked resorts, Caneel Bay Resort was a source of pride for the Virgin Islands, welcoming thousands of guests per year, bringing in millions of dollars in direct spending in the Islands, and providing well-paying jobs for hundreds of local employees.

Rebuilding Caneel Bay Resort as it once was, is imperative.  And we need it rebuilt NOW!

But the National Park Service does not want

to bring back Caneel Bay Resort.

The NPS has proposed either building nothing on the land, or only building a smaller, non-luxury hotel. What the NPS is not telling you is that if it decides to rebuild the small hotel, it will not generate the economic benefits our Islands desperately need, and nothing will be built for many years.  The NPS must go through litigation, several levels of government approval, and a bidding process under federal government rules.  It will be a decade before the NPS has anything built on the Caneel Bay Resort land, which is likely its preferred result.

You can help save Caneel Bay Resort.

EHI has operated the Caneel Bay Resort since 2004 and is ready to restore Caneel Bay Resort to its former glory as a five-star luxury resort.  EHI has committed to donating the Caneel Bay land to the Virgin Islands people. This can only happen if the NPS agrees to stop litigating and negotiates with EHI to immediately rebuild Caneel Bay Resort. 


Please sign this petition to support rebuilding Caneel Bay Resort now.