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  • Social Responsibility

    Green living and respect for our surroundings aren’t just buzzwords at Caneel Bay Resort, they’re a part of our heritage. Caneel Bay was discovered by environmentalist and preservationist Laurance Rockefeller during a family sailing cruise, and he immediately purchased the land to create a unique vacation destination that would preserve and protect its natural environment by developing very little and preserving a great deal.

    Today, Caneel Bay is one of only a few marine environments within the U.S. National Park System and is home to abundant wildlife as well as colorful coral reefs that teem with underwater life. Here, turtles and dolphins freely roam their natural habitat while guests explore the pristine natural surroundings of this truly unique Caribbean resort.

    Caneel Bay Resort maintains its commitment to the environment through a range of green-friendly programs and initiatives:

    • Use local recycling opportunities
    • Printed collateral uses 100% post consumer recycled paper manufactured with wind power and with soy dyes used for the ink.
    • Water supply for irrigation comes from rainfall we collect, merged with “gray water”.

    • Environmentally-friendly electric buses to transport guests around the property
    • Energy efficient light bulbs in exterior lighting

    • Locally produced honey
    • Locally caught fish and lobster
    • Organic greens grown on St.John
    • Bottled water produced in Puerto Rico, utilizing a bottle design more environmentally friendly and the label on the bottled water offers environmental advice
    • Use 100% bio-degradable beverage cups for all beach service.
    • 100% bio-degradable plastic to-go bags, and compostable to-go containers for food and ramekins for sauces
    • Glass crusher that grinds glass bottles down to a fine sand which is then disposed of more easily

    • Maintaining the security of the flora and fauna at Caneel Bay
    • Conduct a yearly massive clean-up of the sea bed around Caneel Bay and collect bottles, fishing line, plastic bags etc that find their way into our ocean
    • Restrictions enforced by VI National Park as to boats anchoring, etc.